I walked into Optivita at 260 lbs. 25% body fat, and 44 inch waist. A lot of numbers I knew that were not healthy. 6 months, after a strong regiment of eating properly, and exercising, i am now at 185 lbs. 9% body fat, and a new waist  of 31. It was more than just losing weight. Michael changed my way of thinking, allowing me to feel better, and look better, all through healthier habbits.


„Optivita pomogła zmienić moje podejście do sportów siłowych, w dyscyplinie jaką uprawiam liczy się każdy detal – Optivita pomogła mi dostrzec braki oraz sprawiła, że łatwiej mi się nad nimi pracuje. W 100% polecam każdemu kto szuka profesjonalnej pomocy”

Krzysztof Pawlik

Michael took me on as a client, and my life changed for the best. i came to him with little knowledge of nutritions. I was an avid gym gore, but nutrition was never a priority.He took me from a relatively thin psysique to were I am now. I am currently a member of the Chippendales, and recently (Dec. 2008) won the title of  Mr. Fitness America, witch Michael as my nutritionist, trainer, and lifestyle coach. If you want, it will make it happen.

Alex Castillo

When diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t know what to expect. The potentially deadly disease, would not make me a statistic. I contacted Mike at Optivita and little did I know I would get a new lease on life. Mike has been an immense help with control of my diabetes. Before I went to Optivita I was taking 6 different prescriptions to control my diabetes, all of which had adverse side effects from toxicity to the liver and kidneys as well as weight gain. Following Mike’s program of diet, exercise herbal supplementation I was able to dramatically reduce my dependency on prescribed drugs. I’m down 20lbs and have never felt better.

Al Sanchez